Sunday, August 2, 2020

Urgent Action to GET OUT THE VOTE

Each person can make a difference to ensure that we have a massive voter turnout in this election.

This is necessary in order to overcome the voting barriers and to ensure that our government represents the majority of people in this country who all want social, economic, and environmental justice.

Below are two things you can do:

1. Make sure you request to Vote-by-Mail and share that information with friends and community groups.
2. Sign up for The Big Send and write letters to people in swing states to encourage them to vote.

Below are the details…
(which are also summarized in the bilingual flyer linked below that you can print to hand out and/or share with friends!)

Maryland Voting Information for General Election, November 3, 2020

Governor Hogan has decided that the election in Maryland will be conducted in the usual manner with in-person voting for early voting (10/26-11/2*) and election day (11/3).

Vote-by-Mail can be done in Maryland by requesting a Mail-In (also called "Absentee") Ballot to be sent to you. In Maryland, you do not need to provide a reason why you have decided to Vote-by-Mail. 

It is recommended that – in order to avoid exposure to COVID, waiting in long lines, and perhaps not your usual polling place – you REQUEST a Mail-In (Absentee) Ballot NOW.

Governor Hogan will mail everyone the "Maryland Application for an Absentee Ballot", but the ballot itself will not be mailed to you unless you request it. This is different from what was done for the June primary when you may have received the ballot without requesting it. Don't wait to get this application form in the mail, but make the request NOW. This will prevent the system from being overloaded with requests that come in all at once in the fall. 

When you request a Mail-In Ballot, it is best to request that the ballot be mailed to you rather than to receive it via email. The mailed form can easily be electronically counted and will include a prepaid stamped envelope for returning to the Board of Elections.

To request to VOTE-BY-MAIL, go to the link below. When you complete the request online, you will enter information at the "Voter Registration and Mail-In Ballot Request" site. You will be required to complete each section, going through all the steps as though you are registering to vote until at the end you indicate that you are requesting a Mail-In Ballot. You have to do this even if you are already registered to vote.

It is preferable that you make the request online, as handwritten requests can be difficult to read.

If you have not yet registered to vote, below is the link to register online or request a form be mailed to you. 
If you want to check your voter registration information or update it, that can be done online:
To review or update your voter record:

If you need to call to request forms or have questions, call the Maryland State Board of Elections: 800-222-8683

Help Get Out The Vote in Other States

A national effort, The Big Send, has been launched to get out the vote in areas of states where turnout has been low. This is being done by sending letters to infrequent voters with a hand written note telling the person why you vote in every election and asking them to join you as a voter. The message is non-partisan. Research has shown that these letters can increase voter turnout by 3%. Below is a short video explaining the campaign and a link to sign up to write letters.

You can also join a zoom letter writing or learn about other voting activities through Do the Most Good (MoCo) 


*Note – the state has updated the early voting dates to 10/26-11/2