Monday, September 21, 2020

Vote Against Montgomery County Ballot Measures B & D by Shayne Dizard

URGENT MESSAGE TO Montgomery County Voters  —  DEFEAT Ballot Question B.

Four Ballot Questions will be on the Montgomery County Ballot in November. The Maryland Poor People's Campaign recommends voting Against Measures B and D. Just Remember BandD are BAD!

Ballot Question B is especially dangerous for the fiscal health and well being of the County and its residents. Its purpose is to starve our County of resources and reduce services to county residents. The services we rely on for our daily quality of life and the future of our children are in danger: resources such as schools, public health and safety, recreation, parks, libraries, public transit, to name a few.

Protect our quality of life in Montgomery County. Vote against Ballot Question B.

To accomplish its goal of gutting county programs and resources, Ballot Measure B would arbitrarily cap the total property tax revenue the county can collect at the amount collected the previous year (with some exceptions) plus the current rate of inflation, no matter the increase in growth of the economy and taxable property – or the increased need for public services to meet the needs created by that growth. The result will be budget shortfalls and a decline in services to county residents.

And, Ballot Measure B actually goes a step further by all but eliminating the County Council's authority to respond to increased growth and increased needs of county residents by making adjustments that reflect real property growth or needs for public services.

Currently, the council can override limitations and adjust income and revenue with a unanimous vote of the Council. Under Ballot Measure B, that procedure is eliminated, leaving no way for the council to respond to real county fiscal needs.

Freezing County revenue would have a disastrous effect on the health of our county. It would be difficult to maintain quality public services. And, it could put in jeopardy our AAA bond rating.

Ballot B is an effort to cripple our county government when we need it most: Vote Against B.


Question D is an effort to decrease countywide representation on the County Council. Currently we have 5 Council members representing their district and 4 At-Large members. We have one vote for our district member and 4 votes for the at-large members. 

Question D would eliminate all at-large council seats. That means we would have only one vote for a council member and there would be no member who represents and is responsive to issues affecting residents county-wide. Vote Against D.


We Must Get the Word Out Montgomery County Voters ASAP. Click the following link to join us in calling the over 3,000 Maryland Poor People's Campaign supporters in MoCo to urge them to vote no on Questions BnD = Bad. 

Phone Banking-Door Hanger Sign-Up Link

Vote Against B and D - Remember BnD are BAD.   

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